Tiny Star


Adapted from a story written when I was ten, the film Superdog is a story of a girl and her dog.

Animated short film 3min 23sec
Medium: Drawn on paper, acrylic paint, Live action

Animated and Directed by Zhong Xian
Sound Design by Zhong Xian
Colouring Assistant Upa
Animation Assistant Kea Xie
Live Action Assistant Chen Jing Kai

Waltz in C sharp minor, Op. 64 no.2. - Olga Gurevi

Superdog - Zhong Xian

Special Thanks to Edwin Rostron/ Lucie Levrangi/ Season Cheng/ Stan Chen/ Yiqiao Lan

Commission work for Dizzy TV

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2023 Malt Adult #25, Chicago, USA

Superdog script

Luca’s photo