Tiny Star


September 15, 2022

WINNIE (2022) is a project inspired by my childhood works - having a fresh new look at the oldest drawings, poems, and photos, I redraw them into new pieces.
Many people were asked: who is your favorite artist? Which artist has influenced you the most? Maybe your childhood self can give you more inspiration than Picasso.

By redrawing previous works into new animation, I wish to discover the pure joy and be free of creating again.
For too long, as creators, we are good at comparing ourselves to others, always dissatisfied with our works, trying to find the meaning of everything, and forgetting our natural originality, sense of humor, and freedom.

Through this project,
I will create 10 works, 9 short GIFs, and 1 short film that are inspired by the old works.

table of contents

2.Her eyes
3. Her voice
4. Superdog
5. Music
6. Special Thanks
7. Archive

CHAPTER ONE: Who is she?

My nickname from around 1995 to 2005 is Winnie, I no longer use it until I was in junior high school because I thought it wasn't cool enough.
My kindergarten English teacher gave me this name because he said I looked like "Winnie".

winnie, 8 years old. 
photo: Chu jìngyùn