Tiny Star


Vampire is a dark comedy about the love and hate in a relationship.
A woman’s boyfriend has been missing, but he returned as a vampire one day and strange things have happened.

Animated short film 8min 09sec
Medium: Drawn on paper, crayon, acrylic paint
Graduation film from the Royal College of Art in 2021

Animated and Directed by Zhong Xian
Sound Design by WenChi Liu, Zhong Xian
Colouring assistants:
Phoebe Sun, Stan Chen, Yi Ying Lee,
Ying Zeng(Zing), Yu Hsin Huang, Kea Xie

press me to see the making of vampire

-Jury Diploma-
at T-Short Festival, 2022

-1st Mention Award-
at BitBang Festival, 2022

-official selection-
2021 London International Animation Festival, London, United Kingdom
2021 San Diego Underground Film Festival, USA
2022 Animac International Animation Film Festival, Catalonia, Spain
2022 T-Short Animated Film Online Festival, Germany
15th International Animation Festival Fest Anča, Žilina, Slovakia
2022 Fantoche International Animation Film Festival, Switzerland
2022 Ottawa International Animation Festival, Canada
2022 PÖFF Shorts, Estonia
2022 Bitbang Festival, Argentina
2023 20th London Short Film Festival, United Kingdom